With Big Data, where's the magic in marketing?

With Big Data, where's the magic in marketing?
The notion that a brand can bypass the need to present a compelling offer and to engage honestly with conviction, yet still secure breakthrough sales and market share growth, is not really a new one. Remember that book “The Game” that recently …
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It's Clear: Local Businesses Need More Transparency From Digital Marketing
The hard truth is that companies providing digital marketing to local businesses have come under fire lately. We've seen the articles, read the reviews, heard the customers' complaints: “online marketing companies overpromise,” “they lack transparency …
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How You Can Embrace the Holy Grail of Online Marketing
“Ultimately, video is so effective for business marketing because it works,” says Bettina Hein, founder and CEO of Pixability, a Boston advertising and video marketing platform for YouTube. “As the star power—and business pull—of video-content …
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