With new commissioner, Google faces tough times in Europe

With new commissioner, Google faces tough times in Europe
"If I hadn't been opposed to it, the Google case would have been settled back in March," he said, according to The Wall Street Journal. "The Google case was proof of the energetic approach of the commission…a textbook example of how the commission …
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24 More Incredible Images You Won't Believe Were Found On Google Street View
Paired with a sponsorship from a photo-editing tool called Polarr, the blogger processes beautiful images he finds from Google Street View, and turns them into gorgeous photographs. "I wanted to travel and I love taking pictures so I decided to just to …
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Google may launch YouTube music service
Google's YouTube service has become a low-profile titan in streaming through the popularity of music videos. Currently, videos must be chosen one track at a time. YouTube in coming weeks will launch new subscription and ad-supported YouTube music …
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