With the Release of the Top 25 Worst Passwords, ABS Insurance Agency, wants to Ensure Missouri Residents & Businesses Are Aware & Protected

Chesterfield, Missouri (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

Missouri insurance agency, ABS Insurance Agency, hopes to keep Missouri residents and businesses aware of the trends in cyber crime to protect them from hackers who could destroy their businesses or personal identities. One of the best ways to protect a business or home computer is to choose strong passwords for email and other important accounts online in addition to changing the passwords often.

Most online security professionals recommend changing Internet passwords and account logins at least once every three months. For maximum security its recommended to avoid choosing passwords that are easiest for criminals to hack. Those passwords include these Top 25 Worst Passwords:

1. password

2. 123456

3. 12345678

4. qwerty

5. abc123

6. monkey

7. 1234567

8. letmein

9. trustno1

10. dragon

11. baseball

12. 111111

13. iloveyou

14. master

15. sunshine

16. ashley

17. bailey

18. passw0rd

19. shadow

20. 123123

21. 654321

22. superman

23. qazwsx

24. michael

25. football

The best passwords contain a mix of random characters including numbers, upper case letters, and lower case letters.

ABS Insurance Agency can help businesses in particular combat the effects of being hacked by providing specialized lines of Missouri business insurance including cyber liability insurance. Call 877-556-7579 to talk to an agent today!

About ABS Insurance Agency:

Proudly located in Chesterfield, Missouri, ABS Insurance Agency is your premier local insurance agency; dedicated to serving the insurance needs of area individuals, families and businesses. As a well established agency, ABS Insurance Agency has grown to be one of the most trusted Missouri insurance companies in the area. The agency represents various nationwide insurance carriers, enabling its dedicated agents to effectively compare rates and coverage to ensure you receive the quality protection you deserve. With a broad network of providers ABS Insurance Agency can secure superior Missouri insurance for all of your coverage needs!

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