WIXI Inc. and HEXONET – Exclusive Partners For Ripe Japanese Domain Market

Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) September 18, 2012

HEXONET GmbH (http://www.hexonet.net) announced today an exclusive distribution agreement with WIXI Inc. of Japan. The agreement gives WIXI exclusive rights to provide HEXONETs industry leading domain platforms and services to Japanese registrars, resellers, and hosting companies. WIXIs extensive knowledge and experience in the Japanese market will be leveraged to completely transform HEXONETs technology to perfectly meet the higher support and language specific needs of Japanese companies.

HEXONET has been rapidly growing and now services over a million domains on behalf of its registrar and reseller clients around the world. Innovative technology has always been the key to the companys success, like its newest service, an Expression of Interest (EOI) service platform, which allows API based reservation of any thousand new pending gTLD offerings from ICANN. Though technology is critical for resellers and registrars, in some countries, language trumps technology, not matter how good it is. And for these countries, HEXONET needs to find the right partner. For Japan, the perfect partner is WIXI Inc.

“Japan is an interesting and ripe market for HEXONET, however a very difficult one to conquer, said Robert Birkner, HEXONETs Chief Strategy Officer. The President of WIXI, Darshaun Nadeau, is a renown expert on the Japanese domain market, his knowledge and his teams experience will be able to build the relationships and provide the services in Japanese like no one else; this partnership allows HEXONET to focus only on delivering the best technology, which is exactly what we do.

Darshaun Nadeau, President of WIXI Inc. believes the partnership between the two companies is perfectly matched for the Japanese market. According to Darshaun, HEXONET is the most functional, reliable, and fastest registrar platform of its kind and is the platform of choice for WIXIs itself; together we are going to dominate the Japanese market.


Since 1999, HEXONET has been a leading developer and service provider of reseller technologies for the domain industry, including domain backordering. Thousands of resellers, startups and service providers from across the world trust HEXONET as their domain platform provider. And today, HEXONET manages over a million domains for its clients. 1API GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of HEXONET.

About WIXI Inc.

WIXI is a Japanese corporation founded in 2009. WIXI specializes in the secondary domain market, in particular, for the .jp extension through domain backordering, drop catching, parking, monetization and domain name auctioning. WIXI is also renown for developing an extensive set of tools for statistical analysis of domain name traffic and quality, as well as, engineering an industry leading domain auction platform.

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