Women In Property & Business Network

Women In Property & Business Network
Event on 2015-09-02 18:30:00
Effective Networking + Panel Discussion on Lending WHY NETWORK?   We know we should do But we don't like it. What is networking AND why is is so important? WELL…. People do business with you if they know, like and trust you. So how do you get people to know you? – You Network How do you get people to like you? – You follow-up and see how you can help them How do you get people to trust you? – You act consistently and have integrity in everything you do The power of networking should not be underestimated. Julie Hogbin –  Network for Success The L.O.R of Networking – understand how your Life Output affects your Results both positively and negatively & learn how to take Control! For the last two decades Julie Hogbin has worked with Leadership and Management teams in the Public and Private sectors & more recently with Entrepreneurs building their own business & with people who want to change their lives. Julie was awarded a prize by the last Partnership she worked with for being Inspirational and a role model. In July 2011 Julie made the decision to do something different and being one who enjoys change and had a credit card! She set of on a journey which has included Forex Trading, Internet Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing finally resting with Property Investing which compliments her professional mentoring, coaching and training to create her own Financial Freedom. Julie's property journey to date has been exciting and rewarding resulting in Julie publishing an article in YPN, running a Property Meet, appearing on SKY, speaking from stage, being part of a Crowdfunding bid plus lots more including writing a book (in the process) and setting up a Business Talks & Workshops Meet in London & an online Property Education Business. Meet two women who are taking over the Financial Industry: Sarah Drakard – Evolution for Women Sarah Drakard is a fully qualified Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker and Will Writer. She provides unbiased advice for clients and carefully recommend products from across the market to fulfill their mortgage and protection needs. Sarah also provides a full will writing and estate planning service.   Evolution for Women are a firm of all female brokers and with them you get professional advice without feeling pressured, sold to or like you can’t ask a question. Their strapline is “putting a feminine touch to finance”.   Sarah strongly believes in bringing an ethical approach back to the financial services industry and also believes financial advice should be approached in a holistic manner, only doing what is right for the client and making sure their customers are comfortable and completely clear.  Augusta Onyiuke-Eluma – Foster Denovo  Augusta Onyiuke-Eluma is a Partner at award-winning advisory firm Foster Denovo. As a property finance and protection specialist, her firm offers whole-of-market advice on mortgages (which means that if there’s a loan that fits, she will find it at its best rate), uses a revolving panel to provide bridging loans, commercial loans and second charge financing. Treating customers fairly AND as the unique individuals that they are has led to the growth of a highly eclectic customer base, ranging from small families and first-time buyers up North to South-based high-net-worth clients. Foster Denovo also offers a range of services that can add further value to its clients’ lifestyles, such as helping you to protect the assets through the “bloodline”, managing your downside risk (protection planning) and ensuring that you will always have enough money to live the life you want for the rest of your lifetime (cash flow modelling). Augusta thoroughly enjoys appraising property deals and suggesting how you might be able to finance them, as well as providing other services to enrich your being.

at Holiday Inn Hotel
3 Berkeley Street
Piccadilly, United Kingdom

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