Womens Excellence in Endometriosis Now Providing Consultations, Accurate Diagnosis, and Effective Treatment for All Types of Pelvic Pain in Women; Near Oxford, Michigan

Oxford, Michigan (PRWEB) March 05, 2013

Short term pelvic pain in women is common from time to time and usually has a normal physiologic cause. However, pelvic pain that becomes persistent or chronic in nature and is perhaps severe, could be a sign of another problem that requires a visit to trusted expert in female pelvic pain. The well-trained, practiced, and compassionate healthcare practitioners at Womens Excellence in Endometriosis can accurately diagnose and effectively treat all aspects of female pelvic pain.

Whether a woman is suffering with known, poorly-treated endometriosis or is simply dealing with many aspects of pelvic pain with no current diagnosis, the practitioners of Womens Excellence in Endometriosis can help. Endometriosis is a disease that typically causes chronic pelvic pain, painful menstrual periods, and painful sexual intercourse. It can also ultimately result in infertility. Womens Excellence in Endometriosis has developed a successful protocol for comprehensively treating endometriosis diminishing most if not all aspects of pelvic pain associated with it.

Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, MD, FACOG and Debbie Henry, MSN, NP-C, are the primary providers at the center. Together, they manage patients with even the most complicated, stubborn cases of the disease and treat other aspects of chronic pelvic pain including painful sexual intercourse, also known as dyspareunia. According to Henry, Endometriosis cant be cured but it can be treated successfully. We find when we effectively treat and then control the disease after treatment, the pelvic pain goes away. Dr. Zaidan has been trained and certified in the Da Vinci Robotic procedure to resect endometriosis. The robotic procedure has gotten us closer to a cure than any other treatment to date. It is minimally-invasive and the results for the patient are long-lasting.

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, Women’s Excellence in Endometriosis is a comprehensive center for women that have either been diagnosed with endometriosis or have the symptoms of endometriosis. Womens Excellence in Endometriosis utilizes the latest and best treatment protocols to effectively treat the symptoms and sequelae of endometriosis. Whether a woman has known endometriosis or seeking a diagnosis for symptoms of painful intercourse, painful periods, chronic pelvic pain or irregular bleeding, Women’s Excellence in Endometriosis is designed to diagnose, treat and improve the symptoms of endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain (CPP). Womens Excellence in Endometriosis treats all women with these symptoms including those women in the teenage years, women who are desiring having a child, as well as women who are done with their childbearing. The knowledgeable, well-trained, compassionate physicians and healthcare providers of Womens Excellence in Endometriosis are now accepting new patients. Call for an appointment today at (248) 693-1630 or visit http://www.centerofendometriosis.com.

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