Womens Wedding Network October 2013

Womens Wedding Network October 2013
Event on 2013-10-09 11:30:00


Marketing Your Business on the Web


Don’t miss this important WWN event!


Over 60% of the population uses mobile technology to surf the Web. This number is much higher for today’s brides & grooms – your customers.


Come to WWN on October 9th for Marketing on the Web For Small Business NOW! – What today's customers expect from your website and how you can catch up fast to get more customers.


Our guest speaker is Andy Horner of Ace of Sales. During this luncheon you will learn:


• How your outdated website can actually harm your business
• What customers expect from a small business website in 2013 and beyond
• How to use your website to attract, engage, connect, educate and drive action
• The place of your website in the multi-channel world of apps, social media, search engines, and the web
• How to identify the best tools for your web marketing
• How to adapt your marketing to a mobile world
• How Search Engine Optimization works today
• How to capture leads using email marketing and easy web tools
• How to maximize a limited marketing budget
• How to get more customers with a website that ROCKS!

Andy invents and imparts breakthrough ideas to inspire salespeople and small business owners to communicate at a higher level and succeed on their own terms. He demystifies the world of self-marketing that every front-line business person is now required to master.


As the CEO of Ace of Sales, Andy is the inventor, product manager, and creative force behind aceofsales.com, the online communication and creative service platform to grow customer relationships and sales. Through software, creative services, webinars, speaking and consulting, Andy helps business leaders differentiate themselves, activate their creativity, and achieve their goals.


at Stonewall Golf Club
15601 Turtle Point Drive
Gainesville, United States

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