Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Software Deserving of 3rd Place and 3 Star Rating, Boffin Says

New York City, NY (PRWEB) June 15, 2013

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has been evaluated along with other video converter software by leading software reviewing website Boffin. The latter evaluated video converter software for their efficiency, reliability, quality and speed in converting videos. As the Boffin reviewers confirm, Wondershare is user-friendly, efficient and with an affordable price tag. The Boffin team seemed particularly pleased with the overall performance of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate awarding their 3rd top place along with the Boffin three-star rating for its outstanding quality.

The reviewers at Boffin emphasized that the user has great power in choosing the output format of the video, making the software a truly personalized and flexible one. Wondershare ranked third in the reviews for video converter software largely because of its easy-to-use interface and performance consistency. The reviewers at Boffin, after putting Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to the test, immediately felt that its capacities and features made it stand out from its competition, as only two other software, namely OJOsoft and Prism Video Converter were competitive enough. The range of features, its customizability and its evident quality of design and results were convincing enough for the Boffin reviewers to acknowledge its high standards and subsequently award it their three-star rating and top 3 position in the video converter software category.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate deserves the Top 3rd place the Boffin reviewers insisted as it boasts of capacities no other video converter software can. Traits such as user-friendliness, affordability and results quality were more than enough to justify its high ranking. The Boffin reviewers clarified that the software evaluated are subject to reevaluation at any time as the Boffin reviewers strive for providing the most accurate and up to date software reviews. It was also mentioned that the top ranking software had minor differences in features and overall performance and that the ranking was finalized based on rather hairsplitting differences between them.

Software Review Boffin reviews the latest technological products in demand on the market right now. They provide expert, honest and straightforward reviews so customers can objectively measure if a product, especially software is well worth it before making their purchase.

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