Word Lens: Full Review

Word Lens: Full Review
This magiclike, augmented reality translation app has improved by leaps and bounds since its release in December 2010. Word Lens fires up your smartphone camera so you can point it at anything in front of you — foreign signs and menus, for instance …
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Speech Translation Technology Demonstrates Potential for Universal Language
An ancient story exists about a human civilization that began united by a common language, but the culture was scattered and its people confounded by the development of varied dialects. In reality, the multiplication of population and communication has …
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How fans translated “close to a million words of dialog” in new Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Creative Director Trent Oster talked to us recently about Overhaul Games' remastering of the classic BioWare RPGs, as well as the notable possibility of a new Baldur's Gate game. Another highlight from the interview was …
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