Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog – 08/15/08

Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog – 08/15/08

Image by DavidErickson
This is a word cloud created by Wordle of the front page of my Internet Marketing Blog as of 8/15/08. Very cool but too bad Wordle doesn’t do the same thing for entire sites. THAT’d be usefull! Read: Wordle Cloud For Internet Marketing Blog.

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  1. HI DAvid, how would you like this photo formatted, if I use it on my website as an image? I looked for your license for attribution, didn’t see it, very sorry. Look forward to hearing from you! With peace, MJ

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  3. Hi, lovely image. I’m using it at http://www.westoncommunications.org.uk/blog with a credit and link back to this image. Look forward to checking out more of your work 🙂 Liz

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