WordPress Chat Plugin for Community Sites is Now Available from BoWoB

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

BoWoB, a company that develops and serves community chat software, has just released a new WordPress chat plugin. The newly-launched plugin easily integrates BoWoBs chat software with the WordPress sites of its customers.

In recent years, a chat option has become an extremely popular feature on many sites. For online business owners, companies that have websites, and webmasters, the new plugin provides an easy-to-install and maintain chat feature for their users. The new WordPress plugin from BoWoB, once it is installed on the customers website, allows users to chat with each other, through chatrooms, and/or friend-only chat.

Over the years that BoWoB has been in business, it has developed a well-deserved reputation for helping clients get the chat services that they need and want. The company has worked with thousands of websites around the world. Some of the chat website clients have included dating sites and forums, where having the ability to chat with others is an especially desirable option.

The WordPress chat plugin completely and easily integrates the chat software with the customers WordPress website through a simple installation process. As noted on the companys website, BoWoB integrates with many social networking and CMS softwares. Clients who have sites with custom code, or if a ready integration is not available can still use BoWoB chat.

The chat users name, picture, friends, and profile are integrated with the user system of your site, it explains the BoWoB website, adding that by using the BoWoB control panel, clients can easily customize the theme, language and many more features of their chat.

The service, which is available through monthly pricing plans, does not require the use of a server. Because of this, the plugin does not use a companys server resources or slow down its website. As a bonus, the company manages the security, infrastructure and updates of their clients chat.

Anybody who is interested in learning more about BoWoB and the new WordPress chat plugin are welcome to visit the companys user-friendly website at anytime; there, they can read more about the plugin and its many features. By clicking on the Demo tab on the home page, people can watch the chat feature in action.

About BoWoB:

BoWoB develops and serves community chat software. Through its powerful infrastructure, BoWoB offers seamless integration, and no server is needed. Over the years, BoWoB has provided chat services to thousands of sites around the world, including blog, forum and dating sites; and now WordPress sites through its new WordPress chat plugin. For more information, please visit http://www.bowob.com

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