WordPress Search Engine Optimization Mastery with Craig Fifield

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  1. *WordPress Search Engine Mastery w +Craig Chamberlin & +Craig Fifield – #HoA Review* You know I’m a bit of an #SEO nerd so there was no way I was going to miss this HoA. Craig F is, as the web has started calling him, one of the *pioneers of SEO from some 20 years ago* so his pearls of wisdom are particularly shiny.. It is those pearls that I’ve tried to extract in my synopsis below – hopefully it’ll be of some use to you… *Thoughts on #WordPress* – it’s keeping itself relevant and there is very little you can’t do with it. – first very accessible dynamic platfom to allow creation of SEO friendly sites *Plugins* – make WordPress easy to extend and there are already tons to choose from – custom plugins can be acquired for very little (Craig F almost had his own #authorship plugin until…) – +Yoast is the no.1 plugin for SEO on WordPress and “every serious SEO uses it” (so glad I’ve been using it now hehe). *At the End of the Day What Is The Goal of SEO* – “Could say to be number one but it’s to be properly indexed with SEO compliant architecture” . With that in place good content will then get you to number one. *Biggest SEO Mistakes* *I like this answer* – “People forget about it completely, or, remember it and focus on it too much instead of content” – remember the 80/20 rule, 80% marketing, 20% #contentcreation and don’t let SEO take from the 80%.. – No H1 tags (aka Craig C’s *most embarrassing SEO mistake* – No Semantic SEO (add bullets, images [alt tags on images], quotes – make it media rich for the bots to salivate over) *Other Bad Habbits* – Archives, which no one ever really uses, can slow load times down and cause bloat (lots of duplicate pages getting indexed). – Not checking what Google is seeing and indexing. Go to Google and search site:yourdomain.com to see what titles and descriptions are indexed, tidy them up. Top of your checklist for site audits – Start with keywords first in titles, tags etc (reminds me of my first words are important mantra – http://robertryan.ie/onsite-seo-tips-seo-anatomy-blog-post/) *Keyword Research* – give pages/post a focus, think of topic of article and then some related keywords – tools like ubersuggest.org and Keyword planner *Sites to Frequent* – +Moz and +Search Engine Land *Social Influence on SEO* – Don’t really know definitively but impact will more than likely only increase – Google Authorship is a must, guide on how to set up here –> http://www.craigfifield.com/authorship-wordpress-seo.htm – Very Few #Facebook signals seem to be getting picked up as seen in this study by +Eric Enge http://www.stonetemple.com/does-facebook-activity-impact-seo/ – Relationships are what will help your SEO, so be yourself and find your culture online *Quantity vs Quality* – Write the most complete post you can, it doesn’t have to be perfect (sure, what is perfect anyway?). – Should subpar posts from the past be culled? Instead of culling, find the top 20% of pages that are getting you organic traffic and post more about those topics, interlinking as you post. *Site Speed* – “Speed is a factor in search, not a major factor but it’s a factor that you can control, so, control it” – #likeaboss For a good example of who to follow to see how to use social for SEO for retail check out +Michael Bennett. If you have a local business make sure you focus on local SEO. —————————————- And there you have it, some of my cliff notes from the HoA. Well worth watching, not just for the SEO goodness but you may be witnessing the start of the Craig and Craig show (part 2, with booze, is in the pipeline).

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