WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin Review

In this video, we’ll review the WordPress SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin and show you how install this plugin on your WordPress Website in several easy steps….

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  1. don’t think it’s anything to worry about. if you don’t have a focus keyword set though, it will give you a message there alerting you of that fact. Big thing to make sure is to do your keyword research before choosing focus keywords, and once you choose them, make sure the light is at least yellow, if not green.

  2. Hi there. Nice tut and straight to the point. One thing i didn’t get. When i hover over the dot after they’ve turned to green it shows “na”. What is that?

  3. in the Titles & Metas section you can click on the help tab and it will display all your available terms. You can just copy from there whatever you need and paste it right into your taxonomies to make sure the spelling etc is perfect.

  4. I was able to follow along with your tutorial perfectly. However, after I loaded my sitemap on to Google Webmaster I got an error message for an invalid date. The description of the error is : “An invalid date was found. Please fix the date or formatting before resubmitting.” How do I fix this error?

  5. Great tutorial. I love it. One question. When I add new products, do I need to go to Google and do the last step again.? I did learn a lot with your tutorial. Great Job.

  6. Thanks for a great tutorial video. I must admit that struggled a bit with this plugin initially, but your video made this process seam very straightforward and demonstrated the full utility of SEO by Yoast. I appreciate the completeness of the topic you covered.

  7. Thanks for the Video! Very Helpful…one question, in the Taxonomies section, under the title template, I erased it all now when I do %%term_ title, it won’t let me underscore it just leaves a space. Is that a problem?

  8. the xml file is generated by the plugin. All-in-one is a good plugin but I prefer yoast as it’s a bit more modernized and more full featured. I used to use headspace before Yoast, which was also pretty good, but I felt Yoast was worth the switch…

  9. Hi there, thanks for this nice tutorial. I have a question, the xml file is generated from this plugin or is a standard WP file? I’m using the All in one SEO Plugin for now and I have some duplicated content issues and I can’t find the xml file. I don’t know why but the noindex it’s not working for me. I think I’ll switch to Yoast. Thank you!!!

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