WordPress SEO for Beginners (Video) – Have you ever wondered how to optimize a WordPress Page or Post for the best SEO results? There are a few basic things that you can d…
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15 thoughts on “WordPress SEO for Beginners (Video)

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  2. Very well explained. The importance of the keyword is very well explained. There are also many WordPress plugins that can make help you with all these issues if you don’t want to become a expert SEO.

  3. nice tutorial! recently I found this plugin Squirrly SEO on Google. And you can write your articles more fast. This plugin reminds you to insert keyword in title, in H2 tag, in bold wa etc. If you have time, take a look at it 🙂

  4. hi,thanks for a nice tutorial,but I have some problems with google, I submitted my website to google webmaster tools and sitemap as well,but google returns “no queries” it’s like “no keywords” for my website,how is that possible? and only few have the same problem that is why i can’t find the solution in the net,my website is based on joomla 2.5, would you recommend something,please

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