WordPress Workshop (WebSprout Academy)

WordPress Workshop (WebSprout Academy)
Event on 2014-08-02 09:00:00


Create Your Website In A Day!

Presented by WebSprout Academy

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Calling Out  To…

Are you running or starting a small business and need to put up a professional website for your business in the quickest time possible – while still retaining the control that you want over your website?

Or are you an aspiring individual wanting to get started on putting your ideas online to earn some side income for yourself?

Then you are at the right place! You can learn the skill to create a website for your purpose – in just ONE day!

And the GREAT news is… ZERO programming knowledge required!



You Can Learn To Create A Website In 1 Day!

YES! Our practical hands-on workshops will have our trainers guide you through every step to creating a website and you will get to experience and practise the steps on the spot!


And the best thing of all? You will be learning firsthand tips from

our experienced team of trainers who practice what they teach.


No more outdated information coz we make sure the stuff we teach you is up-to-date with current trends

– this is just our little way of saying that we care.



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About Our Workshop!



Why WebSprout Academy?


At WebSprout Academy, nothing is more important than your results and your success. We will do our utmost to help you be one step closer to where you want to be.

We take your learning seriously, but we also don’t forget to have fun together!

Small Class Size 

While most training companies capitalize on numbers, we keep our average class size to no more than 12 people so you can have a cosy and interactive learning environment!


Tutorial Videos

What if you can’t remember a thing that the trainer taught you right after you go home?? Don’t panic – coz you will receive step-by-step tutorial videos on what has been taught in class after the workshop. Many of our graduates have told us that this is an incredibly useful resource that they depend on for their post-workshop revision, and we make sure YOU will get it too!


Post-Workshop Support – SO IMPORTANT!!

In need of more help after the workshop? Our experience tells us that often times, you will have MORE questions after the workshop! To help you with that, you will get both online and offline post-workshop support from us. Not only will you have your individual questions answered on our online support channel, you will also get face-to-face help from our team at the post-workshop clinic session! More details below!




Find Out What You Will Learn When You

Join Us In This Workshop!

  • How to identify a good domain name and web hosting
  • The capabilities of WordPress and what it can do for you!
  • The differences between and
  • How to install WordPress on your website
  • Important WordPress settings for Search Engine Optimization!
  • How to create pages and menus in your website
  • How to insert images, videos and hyperlinks in your website
  • How to install a contact form in your website in just a few minutes!
  • How to create a dynamic slider in your homepage!
  • How to integrate a blog in your website and start posting!
  • How to extend the functionalities of your website using plugins!
  • How to install and configure a responsive theme in your website!
  • Tips to make your website look professional!
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techiniques to attract visitors to your website!



Do Note That…

1. You are required to bring your laptop to the workshop (must be able to connect to wireless internet network). MacBooks are also allowed.

2. This one-day workshop will focus on teaching you the skill to use WordPress to create a website – as we believe that this is the most important skill you should take away at the end of the workshop. Each participant will be provided with a demo account to practise on during the class, so you do not need to have your own domain/hosting to attend this workshop.




What Do You Get?

Do you know that you are saving yourself THOUSANDS of dollars without having to engage a professional web designer to create your website?

By attending this workshop, you will gain the skill to not only create – but also maintain your website, giving you the benefit of having full control over your website!

Most importantly, you will get the ASSURANCE that help is around for you when you need it most – via our post-workshop support!


For a course investment of 9, you will get :

ؠ  One Day hands-on workshop

ؠ� Step-by-step course notes

ؠ� Post-workshop online support!

ؠ� 20 WordPress tutorial videos!

ؠ� 500 website graphics! (click here to view samples)

ؠ� Post-workshop clinic session! (see note 1 below)


1. This is a 3-hour group clinic session that will be specially conducted after the workshop to help you accelerate your success in your online business!

Based on our experience, most participants will encounter further questions when they go back home and continue to build up their website after the workshop. Hence we have designated this clinic session for you to have the opportunity to come back and receive face-to-face help from our team!

(Note: The dates for the clinic session will be released on the day of the WordPress workshop and attendance for the clinic session is entirely up to you.)



Check Out The Websites Created By Our Graduates!









Who Should Attend?


ؠ   Self-Employed who want to brand their business online and generating additional income through their website / blog.

ؠ   Working individuals who want to earn part-time passive income.

ؠ   Internet Marketers who want to build mini sites for their respective products and services.

ؠ   Students who want to earn money online with their Internet Business ideas.



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