Words of a biotech domestic plant customer.

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5 Responses to Words of a biotech domestic plant customer.

  1. Kapil Sreedhar says:

    very intelligent family man…thanks for those tips on how to effectively utilize slurry for our kitchen garden 

  2. GauMaata says:

    We would like to market your products in Ajmer,and Jaipur district of Rajasthan .Please mail your quotation along with booking discount for us. Thanks and regards, C.R.Mathur

  3. biotechhq says:

    Hi Sir, Thank you for you interest in our products. Our more deatils gets on your computer please visit our website Helpline numbers : 9446 000 960/961/962

  4. Narayanan Radhakrishnan says:

    Greetings very nice ,sir pls send total cost

  5. vox1philippines says:

    Looks very nice…. i make a small scale biogas digester for my mam, pigs DUNG is use. pls watch my video, thankz if u can advice me for the improbment of my project… thank you… vox

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