Words, Visuals, Connections: Three-Part Video Series from James Schramko Shows How to Effectively Boost Website Rankings

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) June 09, 2013

In a bid to help fellow online marketers and website owners achieve better search engine results for their business sites, SuperFastBusiness CEO James Schramo recently released three videos highlighting specific measures that can significantly improve a website’s ranking. These three SEO tips encourage site owners to take a closer look at their online assets’ existing content and make the necessary strategy adjustments that can help them experience better performance and increased business opportunities by leveraging good quality texts, images, and social sharing functions.

“There are a few things that our Research and Development team have noticed while working with hundreds and hundreds of customer sites, and also for our own websites, that always get results,” Schramko says as he introduces the video series. “Were going to be covering those in our tips series. I hope you enjoy it.”

The first video is all about Text Optimization. According to the Sydney-based marketer, looking over one’s old posts and pages to gauge their relevance to current issues can be a highly beneficial exercise. “Update things that have changed in the marketplace. When youre doing that, also have a view as to how you could make this content more evergreen,” Schramko explains, urging viewers to make their content timeless and therefore valuable to consumers and clients at any time period.

How-to articles are highly useful in addressing common customer concerns that remain important over the years, so Schramko suggests repurposing outdated posts to become fresh content written in the how-to format.

Next, the entrepreneur covers the subject of Image Optimization. Images, Schramko believes, are one of the easiest things to optimize in any website. It’s best not to rely on generic stock photos and instead beef up Web pages using original images like photos taken using the site owner’s iPhone camera or custom illustrations created by a company’s in-house team.

The Internet marketer adds, “You might find your image results are really getting good rankings because people do image searches, so thats why its important to have their exact name for it.” E-commerce stores should also make an effort to put up plenty of product photos for the benefit of customers specifically seeking out the items that they sell.

Social Optimization is the subject of the third and final video in the series. Getting a dynamic conservation going with customers with the help of a reliable comment system is perhaps one of the most important things a business can focus on today. Websites can simply include a “Have Your Say” page or blogs can include a line that says “Please post your comments below” after every blog post to motivate users to make contact.

“Make sure you have social sharing widgets so that people can easily click on a Google+, a Tweet, a Facebook Like or Share, and perhaps a LinkedIn or Pinterest, if thats your market,” Schramko recommends. Harnessing the power of a clever call to action can make a substantial difference in the way Web users explore and interact with a site.

To view the three-part video series and to learn more about Schramko’s premium SEO services, visit SEOPartner.com or LinkJuice.com today.

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