Workout, Gym & Fitness Fashion Haul!

Want some new Gym gear? Check out my latest purchases and top websites selling cheap and gorgeous gym wear, featuring my new Nike Free Runs! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Visit the featured websites here: • • • Let me know if you have any other top websites, i’m always on the hunt! o Read my Blog: o Follow me on Twitter! o Find me on Facebook: o Like me on Instagram: Thank you for Watching xox

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22 Responses to Workout, Gym & Fitness Fashion Haul!

  1. usman ali says:

    If you desire to get ripped, you should look up on Google “H6x Muscle Monster”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  2. Carly Rowena says:

    You can, but I always prefer to wear socks xx

  3. Carly Rowena says:

    FANTASTIC idea, why didn’t I think of that! Tag me in a photo on instagram or twitter, would love to see what ones you bought, so lovely to hear you think of me as a fitspiration, it’s why i do these videos. Have a lovely valentines xxx

  4. jrw180 says:

    Do you wear those nikes without socks?

  5. Elizabeth Saxton says:

    I have just made my bf get me a pair of those Nikes for Valentines thanks to you :) I am in desperate need to get fit and lose weigh, you are such an fitspiration! Thank you xx

  6. Carly Rowena says:

    Calculate if it’s still cheaper even with delivery, they’re gorgeous, let me know which ones you get! xx

  7. Tera S. says:

    This video is amazing! I am from Czech Republic and these Nike free runs are so expensive everywhere, so I might order them from this website (eventhough the delivery is 18 pounds…). Thank you :)

  8. Carly Rowena says:

    They’re awesome aren’t they! xx

  9. madelyn stewart says:

    I get the Nike sports bras to

  10. Carly Rowena says:

    Your welcome, just odered some more so will do a Fashion Video on them for you! xx

  11. Natasha Reynolds says:

    Thanks for coming back to me Carly, just had a quick look on their site – the amount of leggings available is amazing!!!

  12. Carly Rowena says:

    They’re from Blackmilk – its an Oz brand, such good quality! xx

  13. Natasha Reynolds says:

    I love the leggings you’re wearing in the video, where are they from?

  14. Carly Rowena says:

    I hadn’t heard of them so ask an ask around and there are some good reviews, I prefer Nike but haven’t heard anything bad about these, get them & let us know what you think! xx

  15. Carly Rowena says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, really helpful! What ones did you get? xx

  16. Carly Rowena says:

    Oooh the boys have them in Mint, love them!! xx

  17. Carly Rowena says:

    Unfortunately not, I only shop in the UK, type it into your search engine, it should come up with something – sorry i cant help more xx

  18. Carly Rowena says:

    Awesome! So glad I could help, Now you can go buy yourself something else for £40! xx

  19. Carly Rowena says:

    Oh no, i’m sure they update stock all the time, so keep checking back & if I find any other places ill keep you posted xxx

  20. Carly Rowena says:

    You’re welcome, Tag me in a picture on Instagram @carlyrowena if you get some, would love to see! xx

  21. giddyhorse says:

    Fab website for trainers. I’m after some new running shoes, thanks xx

  22. Milly o says:

    I found the homeware section too! Im off to uni in sept so I was looking at loads of things to buy for my room! Now slightly obsessed! Although im sad that they don’t seem to sell things like mugs and plates as that would be fab haha Good luck with moving house xxx

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