Workshop Waacking/Voguing – Archie Burnett (BRASIL)

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5 thoughts on “Workshop Waacking/Voguing – Archie Burnett (BRASIL)

  1. For those who are interested in hearing and SEEING the history of waackin’s past and present from the original architects of this movement, all should attend the Visionary Dance Leadership Symposium in NYC June 21st @ Chelsea Studios to witness a full presentation of the truth about the dance itself……

  2. I was referring to what Archie was saying about dancing and living in general… he is such an inspiring person, and so is Tyrone Proctor! I already told the latter I can’t wait to meet him! When it comes to history, I think I know a little and more about the issue than does the “general” dancer, but I’m open for any teaching 🙂

  3. Should anybody seek the truth from some 1 who “lived” it and saw it in d gay clubs as it was happening in d 70’s…and is not sayin some1elses story…U need to see and live Tyrone Proctor in person my friend!!

  4. It is hard to hear what archie is saying when you don’t understand what the translator is saying (portuguese??). I managed it though and these are words of TRUTH!! And the dancing is unbelievable! I sat there with an open mouth watching it and I couldn’t think of anything else! Indescribable!

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