Workshop with Multimedia Artists @ The Mill

Workshop with Multimedia Artists @ The Mill
Event on 2012-12-11 10:00:00

I would like to invite you to an exciting and entertaining workshop with internationally acclaimed multimedia artists, a group called D-Fuse. This will be held on Tuesday the 11th of Dec and Friday the 14th of Dec @ The Mill.

We will provide refreshments. Partners, children, families and friends are most welcome to come to this. The main activity would be to create something 'digital' together that is interesting and relevant for you to put on the "new interactive screen" at The Mill. We want to help promote positive ideas, values and causes like the ones you strive for.

This is an opportunity to do something different.  There will be all sorts of people coming from the groups that usually gather at The Mill, did you know these are over 40 now? So, this might be a chance to make new friends, network, promote your causes, but more importantly you can have fun with your family and friends too!

The details about what we will do during the workshops still have to be confirmed, but we know the artists would like us to bring pictures about ourselves, the neighbourhood, what we cherish and what we believe in, in order to share these with others at The Mill. Further particulars will be sent around.

Sign up indicating your preferred date and time for a workshop, choosing one of the tickets available above.

We want to include as many people as possible, but we will not go ahead with sessions that have very few attendees registered. I will send you an e-mail confirming if the time and date you have selected has gathered momentum, so that an actual event will take place. I will let you know if any of the sessions is cancelled as well. Announcements will be made well in advance of the workshops, so you can plan getting some time off.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Look forward to see you there!


Wallis Motta,

Research Associate at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies

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