World Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market to Reach USD 27 Bln by 2019, States Kelly Scientific Publications in Its Report Available at

London, UK (PRWEB) March 16, 2015

The global cosmetic surgery and service market is currently estimated at more than USD 20 billion, and its value is expected to grow to over USD 27 billion by 2019. Nonsurgical treatments set the pace worldwide and they are broadly categorised into the energy-based devices, injectable products and active cosmetics segments. The injectable products, including dermal fillers like Restylane and neurotoxins like Botox, grab the lions market share. Energy-based devices including lasers, radio frequency (RF) and intense pulsed light (IPL), or flashlamp, are following after.

North America accounts for close to 45% of the global market. However, the countrys dominance, especially in the energy-based devices category, is shifting toward the Asian region which is deemed to be the next big frontier. The number of clinics and physicians in India and China has been mushrooming steadily, in tandem with the medical tourism sector in the region. In the injectable fillers and devices segment, the European Union ranks next to the USA. Brazil keeps on occupying a strong position in the aesthetics and cosmetic procedures market. The Russian market is also recording healthy growth and is particularly strong for devices and topical agents.

Galderma, Allergan and Merz are among the leaders in the market. However, a slew of smaller players are offering wrinkle fillers and wrinkle-relaxing agents, which have just temporary effects. The market for these products is approaching its maturity phase; they are broadly accepted only in the USA and European Union, whole permanent fillers are very popular in Asia.

New research report Global Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market Report 2015-2019 elaborated by Kelly Scientific Publications is available at

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Title: Global Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market Report 2015-2019

Published: March, 2014

Pages: 275

Price: US$ 3,400.00

The report provides a straight-talking strategic analysis of the world cosmetic surgery and service market, categorised by segment, geography, product segment, energy-based and other devices, and by company. It provides insights into market shares of cosmetic surgery procedures from the geographic perspective, discusses the various minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures with an in-depth investigation of the most popular minimally-invasive procedures from pole to pole. An analysis of cosmetic surgery technologies is included. The study identifies the top 5 countries for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, along with the 5 leading non-invasive cosmetic procedures in the USA. The issues pertaining to the emergence of plastic surgery tourism across different countries are addressed. Furthermore, the report provides comprehensive profiles for 116 global cosmetic surgery and service companies as well as their major products.

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