World Cup online: Brazil's shock shatters records

World Cup online: Brazil's shock shatters records
While Germany barreled down on a stunned Brazilian team to score five goals in the match's first half, quips such as #ThingMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinningTheWorldCup and #TeamsBetterThanBrazil became top trending topics on Twitter. Teams better than Brazil …
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Why LeBron James had to go back to Cleveland
These qualities may not have been 100 percent true while in Cleveland, but the entire experience in his move has grown him into everything you could ask of a player. … Being a top team every season, the draft picks were late and the talent was minimal.

The mobile web: Speaking to every device, with a personal touch
In fact, according to our own research, 82 per cent of the Alexa 100 top sites use some form of server-side device detection to serve content on their main website entry point. Therefore, pragmatism alone suggests that if this method is good enough for …
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