World First Lvl85 For Science

Follow me (Reese) to stay up to date with the evolution of God is in The Neurons Music in the trailer at the end is by Professor Kliq 1st song is ‘On The Mountain’ by Videocopilot
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22 thoughts on “World First Lvl85 For Science

  1. @PatrickVedlog He’s just trolling hardcore, He’s not like his alter-ego “Athene” at all irl it’s just an act. In real life Bachir is nothing like this he’s the total opposite.

  2. Sry dude, but u seem not do know much about Athene. And yea, hes a character. But on the platform of the fame of this character, he tries to do something good!

  3. One cannot compare the amount of scientific investigation and investment that has gone into establishing the validity of the standard model with a Youtube video with ~1 hour of speech and no scientific validity. Once he sends a paper to be peer review by a reputable journal I will start to pay attention.

  4. For anything to be labeled as science it must be based upon *measurable and empirical evidence* and have undergone the scientific method – ie, at least be peer reviewed or have some mathematical model that agrees with the original hypothesis. It would not be valid to make a Youtube video about some subject and then claim it is science because it includes some facts already established by scientists.

  5. It is science, but it’s not a complete theory. It only talks about quantum mechanics and neuroscience. Not how they combine or anything like that. And as you are wrong about, you said it hasn’t undergone any real scientific testing. Of course have there been testing! During the last 150 years there have been tremendous development of these things! And that is why we have discovered the Higgs for example. But neither of the two theories are complete.

  6. Eh, Athene’s Theory of Everything isn’t really science, it’s speculation mixed in with some information from various sources. It doesn’t make any sense to call it science when the “theory” hasn’t actually undergone any sort of scientific testing, has no empirical evidence to support his “hypothesis” and hasn’t been peer reviewed. These are just the bare essentials of trying to make any scientific claim valid.

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  8. Atheism, big bang, evolution etc. were made up by Satan also to deceive people and lead souls to hell, shame so many people are so easily deceived by Satan’s lies and his “proof” he makes up for those stupid theories.

  9. he is just a really hard troll, once he met a vegetarian guy who they told him couldn’t get freaked out, so when he was sitting at the table he smashed a frozen chicken and broke it into pieces and said “you can eat this” but he does A LOT for youtube community, gamer communities, and donates money to starving children he actually stopped playing games to protest and stuff, and started playing again just for being able to reach to a lot of people and being able to help more

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