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London, UK (PRWEB) June 02, 2014

Europe has recently emerged as the leading global hub for functional food and drinks clinical trials as a result of stringent regulations in the region. Meanwhile, Japan is currently recognized as the worlds centre of innovation in the sphere of functional food and drinks. However, the largest number of functional food and drink consumers is registered in the US the country is regarded as a lucrative market for lifestyle health products.

Along with the improving quality of clinical data which support health claims, the target audience for functional food is predicted to become more segmented. Health is not usually the key consideration while consumers select food and drinks. Other motivations come to be more pressing, which means that consumers are likely to choose unhealthy products if they better meet their personal needs. Even in cases when there is clear clinical evidence that a product/ingredient is able to improve health outcomes, the functional benefit can in turn be better positioned as a nice solution for changing or busy lifestyles, or even as the expression of individualism.

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Title: The Future of Functional Food and Drinks – successful product positioning and claims

Published: May, 2014

Pages: 89

Price: US$ 7,995.00

The report offers a detailed assessment of the global functional food and drinks, illustrates the current industry state as well as reviews the historical evolution of the industry. It highlights the regulative landscape, touches upon the hottest issues related to the functional food and drinks industry, summarizes the most important recent industry developments, presents an in-depth analysis of the major market segments, covers the performance of the major geographical markets. The topical study provides a thorough investigation of the prevailing market trends, identifies and examines the key consumer groups, contains a holistic view of the competitive climate. Additionally, the report includes an overview of the possible future trends in the functional food and drinks market and evaluates the market future growth potential.

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