World Star Headquarters Episode 1 ft. Tim Delaghetto #WSHQ

World Star Headquarters Episode 1 ft. Tim Delaghetto #WSHQ

Subscribe today! World Star Headquarters is a new scripted series from All Def Digital that follows a fictional team behind one…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to World Star Headquarters Episode 1 ft. Tim Delaghetto #WSHQ

  1. Joshua Madden says:

    JSnowPro is hilarious in every video 

  2. Moon HighKing says:

    I can already tell this series is gonna be hilarious but Damn I wish they were longer

  3. jennifer jordan says:

    Hilarious keep up the good work

  4. TrippTrippy says:

    This Needs to be On ADULT SWIM for Real..This Show Is DOPE

  5. Patrice Morris says:

    When is the 2nd episode and great work to every body

  6. PrinceMaze says:

    Hope World Starr Don’t sue you guys this is lit.

  7. James Phelps says:

    De la Ghetto is actually a Latin reaggeton artist 

  8. Jajuan Benford says:

    Why yall let him say nigga?!?!

  9. debmart59 says:

    “Get the Watermelon Seeds Out Your Ears”

  10. ladedade23 says:

    have you ever killed a man with your balls out?

  11. Lonestar says:

    Yeahhh im in the 301 and under club feels good 

  12. michaelvilli09 says:

    you ever kill a man with your balls out?????????

  13. Abenazer Albe says:

    #RIPNEWCAROL Timothy delaghetto he would’ve been an excellent regular too. The side bets on the job security looool hilarious

  14. Angela kibia says:

    This is gonna be a dope series. J Snow killing it as usual !! It would be so funny if Teddy Ray was the next ‘carl’

  15. friður says:

    Lol “you my N word”

  16. Eunice Apia says:

    Is this loosely base on Global Grind?

  17. Cope Digital says:

    Compare these comments to the comments posted on WorldStar about this video….

  18. Broke Homie Quan says:


  19. Sw1Ft says:

    That went in still, can’t wait for the second 

  20. shalon rogers says:

    YOu ever killed a man with ya balls out??!!!! #weakAF

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