World Star Headquarters (Official Trailer) Presented by World Star Hip Hop and All Def Digital

Subscribe today! World Star Headquarters is a new scripted series from All Def Digital that follows a fictional team behind one…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to World Star Headquarters (Official Trailer) Presented by World Star Hip Hop and All Def Digital

  1. JSnowPro says:

    Turn UP!

  2. Joshua Hart says:

    This is what empire gonna be if hakeem takes over the company lol lol

  3. T Stanton says:

    Lolol this is gonna be good!! Can’t wait!!!

  4. Chance Jolivette says:

    Now this shit looks like a future classic lol

  5. ToroidalVortexLove says:

    You my motherfuckin N Word! Tooooo funny.

  6. CJsketch16 says:

    This shit finna be so fucking hilarious im a fan of everyone at ADD

  7. Rickeelon says:

    Look like some I’ll watch

  8. mx5rm85 says:

    Did I see leaning Leon at 1:24 ?

  9. oldcomic1 says:

    #WSHQ Hey everybody I;m in this too

  10. Dr.Chorizo says:

    This looks mothafuckin epic! 

  11. TrainerTiffFitness says:

    “This is my lightskin face” LOL!!

  12. Miles Trevonne says:

    Q to be played by Bruce Bruce

  13. -Sir WESLEE- says:

    Aw shit ya got Thunder claps in this bitch…..S/O to GGN lol

  14. DJPFreshKing says:

    Been here since Dr Reason First Came In All Def Digitial This Shit Bout To be A Classic Keep It Up Guyz Yall bout to make it 

  15. jharrison2k11 says:

    +All Def Digital I need the chick name in the angel outfit

  16. Lonestar says:

    I saw my boy mike im with it

  17. BigJoka OriginalTrumpKard says:

    Whaaaat?!? !No Femi-Nazis in the comments complaining “he calling womens bitches”??

  18. Famous1296 says:

    Now this series is going to be the SHIT!

  19. bubbleyum71 says:

    Lol he said this is my light skin face

  20. Solomon Kofi Otu Thompson says:

    This gon b good 

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