World’s Most Expensive Internet Ad Successfully Being Searched For

Sussex, England (PRWEB) March 8, 2006 a website aiming to determine how high advertisers are willing to pay for online ads by using permanent front-page advertising appears to be making some headway towards achieving its goal.

Since its launch in February 2006, advertisers have been buying space on what could soon become one of the world’s most popular Web sites.

“I received a number of different enquiries soon after we launched and then within a few days, the spaces sold. This was a lot sooner than expected. We’re already a third of the way towards making our historic discovery,” site owner Ugo Okonkwo said.

The site’s popularity is based on its unique aim and the ability of would-be advertisers to eclipse previous advertisers for a top position.

Okonkwo from England, UK created the site after having difficulty trying to determine the most amount of money paid for online advertising.

“Like many people, I’m fascinated with uniqueness such as the biggest, the best and the most expensive. By using the site to advertise businesses permanently, and by having a spectrum of fixed rates, I can attract both small and large businesses. I hope that ultimately, I will be able to tell the world what the most expensive Internet ad costs.”

Okonkwo gives regular updates about the sites progress through his blog at


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