World’s Top3 Humanoid Robots – Asimo vs HPR-4 vs NAO!

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20 Responses to World’s Top3 Humanoid Robots – Asimo vs HPR-4 vs NAO!

  1. Ivor Clark says:

    So what is the difference. Our intelligence is just the same, we make decisions based on a combination of preprogrammed responses ( instincts ) and reasoned processes ( logic ) both of which can be reproduced artificially. Why do so many on here think human intelligence is so special it cannot be reproduced or even surpassed?. Curiosity makes decisions based on preprograms, but then so do we. Human Intelligence is nothing special….

  2. ntdonat says:

    the last one is really musclebound, maybe if he was bigger, you could see it better.

  3. ZenoPantaleones says:

    The curiosity does not have real autonomy, but rather is controlled by commands written the day before by people at JPL. Just because it is not controlled by a guy with a joystick does not mean that it has artificial intelligence.

  4. bjoern007 says:

    7:55 i actually felt sorry for the robot when the guy pushed it! wth?

  5. si2ttk says:


  6. kimlevy99 says:

    HPR-4 looks incredibly corney. it has that stupid little cammander helment on, plus it has no personality, it cant hold a conversation like NAO and asimo can. asimo is by far the best, stop wasting your time.

  7. NASTEfilms says:

    does this mean there is droid soldiers with cameras in their heads?

  8. 1971SuperLead says:

    Can any pole dance?

  9. theword2011 says:

    Ok, so did anyone else get just a little pissed when he pushed the little guy over :(

  10. MrMigelAntonio says:

    Still funny childish robots with poor movements.. I am sure there are much more better robots hide by army and scientist, because with the technology of today there can be build real lifelike robots with fast non-cutting movements, not like these dolls published for us

  11. posses garay says:

    for army?

  12. Oliver W says:

    Robots don’t need insulation!

  13. duppersdad says:

    why does society promote skinny robots? It makes all robots feel fat and ugly. Its sick.

  14. behrlich2008 says:

    Not realistic until he really starts Dancing, Not like disco. I wanna see some headspins, Maybe some footwork, at least spongebob. COME ONNNN

  15. Gosha Narnenko says:

    hello kitty

  16. nevermindjusme says:

    humans are CHEAPER in most countries :(

  17. pondo king says:

    they should use humanoids instead of humans in war so that soldiers don’t risk their lives fighting

  18. Diamonddiaz22 says:

    they have more brains then you’ll ever have in your whole life. your waisting your time trashing this and go and do anything else but trashing it is just stupid and use your life for something worth valuable

  19. Diamonddiaz22 says:

    there all good but they all lack one thing… intelligence, ASIMO is been advanced for over 20 years and is learning to identifing object and people. and the technology for all 3 is better then you, if you dont like it why watch it at you. idiot

  20. Silentfire Nuclear says:

    forme the best is NAO

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