Write Words Media, LLC, Cincinnati, Announces 2014 Focus on Social Media Marketing for Start Ups and Small Business

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

Patricia Stirnkorb, owner of Write Words Media, has continually encouraged her clients to use the web to promote their existing businesses. With the power of the written word, press releases have been a staple in her business plans for her accounts which range from retail to doctors to authors and athletes.

The great thing about a press release is that it lasts forever, Stirnkorb said. I can find press releases that I posted in 2002. But what is amazing is the inbound activity that a press release provides. Instead of searching for customers or clients and taking your proposal to them, a presence on the web allows people who are looking for your product or service to come to you. Social media is an essential tool.

Over the last four years, Write Words Media has gone from working with just a couple of clients to now offering a full host of media and marketing products, most are centered around writing. The power of words is one of the most important things in all social media posts. According to Stirnkorb, if a business isnt consistent in reaching their market, their efforts are in vain. The first thing is to identify your target market then go after them with a message that will invite them to come to you.

What that means is when someone searches for a doctor (or landscaper, tutor, auto repair, etc.) on the internet, they need to be able to find the company, even if they dont know it exists. Counting on them finding a company by the name because they already know of it is a great idea, but for a business to expand, it needs to attract new customers and clients. And that is when the power of the internet, or the words chosen, become a vital part of a successful marketing plan.

If a business wants to attract new clients, a good marketing plan will get into their heads. What would someone be searching for that would make them want the service your company offers? If a hospital wants to be known for saving lives, they should not market their services as a hospital who specializes in maintaining good health. They should meet their patients where they are when they are seeking service: Help Me 911That will allow the patient to find the hospital who specializes in what they need when there is an emergency.

I cant express enough the importance of a company knowing its target audience and selecting words that will invite them to come to find them, Stirnkorb said. One of her doctors who is a urogynocologist had words that were medical terms associated with his name. His potential patients didnt know what their diagnosis, since they had not seen him yet. When Stirnkorb suggested changing his key words to Leaky Bladder Doctor, he began getting more and more new patients. Just by changing the words to tell what he really does and getting into the heads of his potential patients made all the difference in his social media campaign.

Social media is one of the greatest tools in the marketing bag today. Press releases and consistent posts push the start up and new business out ahead of the rest. Stirnkorb said 2014 should be the year of the small business, and that is where Write Words Media will focus their attention.

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