Writer Yasmin Malhotra Explains Importance of Voice

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 13, 2013

Yasmin Malhotra is a writer who has taken on a wide range of topics, including AIDS, the pharmaceutical industry, globalization, immigration, and art. As such, she has worked extensively on finely tuning her technique and has, ultimately, managed to create a unique voice that allows her to convey her ideas in a way that is both effective and relatable. A recent article posted by Business 2 Community highlights the importance of creating such a voice and provides tips for doing so. Here, Malhotra shares these tips and offers her own insight regarding the importance of a strong voice for writers.

The idea of creating a voice is one that has troubled many writers, as it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what a voice is. The article offers the following explanation: “Have you ever stumbled upon a blog and thought…’Was this written by an android, a robot, or was it a Martian?’ Maybe it was produced by someone that had a personality bypass. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem human. That, I think touches on what a ‘voice’ is. It is about being human, displaying a personality and willing to be vulnerable.”

Yasmin Malhotra asserts that many individuals are afraid to inject personality into their writing, particularly if they are writing about technical issues or serious topics. But she believes that there is room for voice in all kinds of writing and that a clearly forged voice is what makes some writers more successful than others.

The article encourages writers to show their personality and use their humor. By putting their personality on display, writers can win the trust of readers because they show that they are not hiding anything. This connects with the tip that the article puts forth to showcase imperfections, allowing readers to see that they are not perfect but are still interesting. Likewise, humor is a fun way to establish a rapport with readers. If writers are able to make readers laugh they have achieved the goal of making their day brighter while providing them with valuable information or insight.

Additionally, the article recommends thinking about the piece from the reader’s perspective. The article explains: “The audience you want to communicate with will help you define your voice. How you write will be also woven into who you are writing for. It must be kept in mind that most people read at a grade school level. Trying to be smart and clever by using big words and complicated sentences will just make them click away.”

Malhotra asserts that this particular tip is key, as it is important to create a message that is engaging and interesting to readers. By keeping the values and expectations of readers in mind, Yasmin Malhotra contends that writers can better communicate with their intended audience.


Yasmin Malhotra is a writer who has penned articles on multiple subject areas, spanning AIDS, immigration, art, globalization, and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to her work as a writer, Malhotra is a travel enthusiast who is interested in visiting new cultures and finding hidden surf spots. Also an avid philanthropist, Malhotra does extensive social work and is a supporter of numerous non-profit organizations, including those that provide elder care, work to enhance education, and offer financial assistance to families in need.

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