Writing for the Web: Two Day Course

Writing for the Web: Two Day Course
Event on 2013-05-28 10:00:00

Tutor Simon Williams

Writing for the web (Introduction) Day One

Focusing on the skills needed to create content that is easily read and highly accessible, this course will help you write clear and concise copy for the web.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to make your words work on a web page, and how to optimize content to ensure your pages appear high in search engine results.

Expected learning outcomes

You will:

  • Better understand web audiences, and how users read and find information online
  • Recognise and use best practice in writing for the web
  • Be able to use acontent management system (CMS)
  • Know how search engines work, and how to create content with excellent search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Write in a keyword-rich style, and ensure the keywords are appropriate to the targeted audience and type of content
  • Be able to create content that is highly accessible to all users

Writing for the web (Advanced) Day Two

This course will give you more confidence and knowledge about the technology and tools essential for online journalism and communications.

Although you will set up your own blog, this is more than a ‘getting started with blogging’ course. You’ll also work with images, learn how to best use RSS and Google Alerts, and how to use search engines more effectively.

Expected learning outcomes

You will:

  • Be introduced to a range of online tools, including RSS and Google Alerts
  • Have an understanding of using Google Analytics to measure and analyse web traffic
  • Know how to set up your own blog using WordPress.com
  • Be able to change the design of your blog
  • Know how to use images online
  • Have an understanding of best practice in web design, navigation and information architecture

Comments from our last course:

“Thought provoking and re-invigorating. The tutor spoke my language, rather than technical gobbledygook.” Steve Groves, Freelance Radio Producer

 “These trainers practice what they preach. They are focused on the user, i.e. us. They teach us what we need to know, not what they want to teach us.” Nicholas Whitehead, TV Journalist

Writing for the web is a two day course. Maximum benefit is gained from attending both days, but either day may be taken alone. If wanting to book just one day please email trainingwales1@nuj.org.uk


  • Please email Anna Miller, the Project Coordinator, on trainingwales1@nuj.org.uk if you have any problems with booking.
  • We have a cancellation policy of four working days (before start of course) after which time fees cannot be refunded.

at Cardiff Central Library, Level Five

Cardiff, United Kingdom

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