WSB Investment Ltd launches BinaryBook, a binary options trading platform

London, UK (PRWEB) March 14, 2015

WSB Investment Ltd, a well-established company dealing in the finance industry, launches its Binary Options trading division under the brand name BinaryBook. Starting off in a time when the competition is quite tough, BinaryBook not only establishes itself as an innovative platform but also outpaces its competitors in most, if not all, aspects of the brokerage firm. The BinaryBook trading platform has been developed according to new tendencies, a smack to traditional binary options brokers who still stand with older trading versions.

This binary options endeavor meets the trend of the financial markets where the audience is consistently looking for simpler means of online trading. Compared to the intricacies of Forex trading, binary options trading has been termed as very simplistic yet a rewarding alternative to traditional trading. BinaryBook, the gem of the future offers much more than just trading. It promotes binary options as an everyday solution but also as an all-encompassing bundle for learning. The trading platform has been optimized to provide all facilities under one roof, limiting disorientation for new users. From navigation to usability, WSB Investment Ltd has ensured that they deliver binary options trading through a high end platform, conceived to meet the needs of experienced and inexperienced traders.

Likewise, BinaryBook promises a full-fledged customer support accompanied with services that meets premium quality. Similar to the guidelines set for the Forex branches, WSB Investment Ltd engages itself to commute the same expertise to its binary options branch, believing that customers need first-class services in order to reach their highest potential. Quality service among brokers is a very sensitive issue and unlike other brokers unfounded promises, BinaryBook pledges to take another approach for a more customer centric tactic. In line with their existing vision, WSB Investment Ltd sets the benchmark for exceptional binary options trading for enthusiasts.

This launch was a decisive one, a calculated move to counteract cheap and baseless mushrooming mass of binary options brokers in the industry. BinaryBook comes with an approach to offer only finest trading selections to customers. Based on this concept, it has come up with an extensive range of learning materials available on its Trading Camp section, which is aimed at empowering customers at the beginning of their trading journey. Moreover, it provides daily Market Analysis that gives an overview of factors affecting the financial market. This is a very important tool that enables informed and smooth trading. Having a flawless foundation combined with tools that ease binary options trading is a luxury that few can offer and BinaryBook is the proud provider of these instruments to traders.

Alongside, the WSB Investment team has ensured that in terms of technology, BinaryBook is fully savvy, leaving no place for old-fashioned binary options trading. BinaryBook is endowed with mobile trading, for Google Play, and will be soon available on App Store. The mobile trading feature is key to the future of binary options trading and customers are more geared towards trading on the go rather than sitting in front of a laptop or pc. The BinaryBook Communication Executive, Alexa Perkins believes that BinaryBook will quickly climb its way to success, with a completely new concept, There is a dedicated and creative team behind the conception of BinaryBook. We sincerely believe that BinaryBook will redefine the way binary options is traded worldwide.

About BinaryBook:

BinaryBook is an innovative binary options broker, offering high-end trading experience to enthusiasts in the field. Developed by a handful of pioneers, BinaryBook is a ground-breaking element in the binary options industry.

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