WTF Is Up With Google Maps

WTF Is Up With Google Maps

Image by Matthew Oliphant
Google Maps has been uppity lately.

I did a search for "24 Newton St., Southborough, MA" and it found it well enough. But when I clicked the "Get Directions To Here," and entered my home address, I got this screen.

How is this a "Did you mean…" situation? And why is a Marlborough option first? Why is only the street address in the To: field?

And this was after I had been searching for "Southboro" instead of Southborough and finding nothing, with no help from Google.

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  1. I believe I heard (~June, ’08) that Google maps changed its data provider … One step forward, two steps backward. I can’t even find my own address anymore, so I just use MapQuest. They still know my street name.

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