WTFn – Manning’s Sex Change, Yahoo Beats Google, & Instagram Idiocy!

WTFn - Manning's Sex Change, Yahoo Beats Google, & Instagram Idiocy!

On this week’s episode of WTFn: Bradley Manning is now Chelsea Manning; amateur rapper and gun runner Neno Best outs himself on Instagram, leading to his arr…

25 thoughts on “WTFn – Manning’s Sex Change, Yahoo Beats Google, & Instagram Idiocy!

  1. Wow people get treated way worse in america than being called a he or a she wrong. You people that dwell on such trivial things is whats wrong with America. WE got about 10,000 other problems in this country to be upset about and u choose this. Getting all offended over simple words for someone you dont even know. So many more first world problems that need help and support and you type of people dwell on this. Your just media lap dogs.

  2. OMG..your one of the entitled offended by everything everyone says equality ftw people. News flash everyone has an opinion just because they dont agree with yours doesn’t mean you have to get all butt hurt and finger pointy. Stop forcing people to accept others based on some weird characteristic. If they dont like you or what you are or do deal with it. More important things in life. Like crime wars politics child labor inhuman animal treatment list goes on.

  3. I totally agree with you, that is why i wrote ¨Agreeing with it is a totally different situation.¨ You have your right to agree or disagree with it. However, you are not his medical care provider and therefore really cant decide if it is ¨medically necessary ¨ or unnecessary. But yes, I agree with you, you are completely entitled to have your own opinion on the situation. As am I, and I say she is not a traitor and deserves at least hormone and psychiatric treatment (& to see the light of day).

  4. I have as much right to my views as you, in my view he does not deserve any elective hormonal treatment and certainly does not deserve elective surgery for a sex change, one he is released from prison then he can get whatever elective hormonal treatment or surgery he can afford or is given to him by non gov sources. He does not deserve to see the light of day as far as I am concerned.

  5. When someone is incarcerated the government does not incarcerate their right to treatment, it would be like saying to a depressed person no you can´t get medical aid or psychiatric help while incarcerated. She has the right to receive treatment, be it psychiatric or even hormonal, and unless you have a academic/medical background, and actually know Manning´s clinical history, how can you deem it medically unnecessary? It is a bit farsighted. Agreeing with it is a totally different situation.

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