WWE ’14 – New Features – Audience Ranking!

Audience Ranking would appear in percentage at the end of every WWE ’14 match, and it’s basically how much your crowd appreciates the match you just had. It’s particularly important in Story Mode, since your audience ranking determines what is rewarded in that mode. However, in the other modes its really for personal satisfaction of having put on a good match. Links ● Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com ● Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com ● Second Channel: www.youtube.com ● MP Wrestling Forum: www.machinimapalooza.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to WWE ’14 – New Features – Audience Ranking!

  1. Michael Organ says:

    It would be good really for the story mode

  2. Ivan Skinner says:

    They have that on SVR 2009 career mode

  3. Massimo Began says:

    No way bad feature to buy things like in smackdown here comes the pain and all those old games. No way!!

  4. TheGamermario says:

    like smackdown 1 story mode have ranting per match

  5. Whydoyoucarewhoiam34 says:

    Any chance it comes out around spring?

  6. jordanMJK says:

    This is a great idea pulse….keep it up nigga

  7. supertaures says:

    THQ is dead

  8. guymansuper says:

    they did have it in the story mode in 2010.

  9. idk sandler says:

    Wwe games is best in the world

  10. TheToxicwaste1 says:

    Wwe14 co-op universe mode or online universe

  11. Ayrton Braam says:

    wwe 14 new features- difficult AI and stop making people spam the goddamn running attack online

  12. JayLegacy100 says:

    PuLs3 has a great mind for wrestling. Better than most wrestling fans on Youtube. I think that would be a great addition to the next WWE game. There should be some new, and big features on the game now that there is going to be a fresh new start for WWE Games.

  13. HandsomeSauce says:

    Now when you say at least 50 posts, do you mean status posts or just posts in a thread?

  14. Smaks20 says:

    I think if they add a road to wrestlemania and they have many storylines, and maybe a 21 year calender in road to wrestlemania. Which means more gameplay. And wwe Nxt roster must be there.

  15. number9stuna says:

    Love it!

  16. UltimateGaming141 says:

    long match matches are long enough with the one pin thing

  17. Mike Williams says:

    Lets hope 2k listens to their fans. God knows THQ didnt

  18. Jkmyway123 says:

    With unlockables, Season mode, Gm Mode, bc it adds life to the game

  19. Jkmyway123 says:

    They should recreate Smackdown vs Raw 2006

  20. TheCarlosJmz says:

    I hope they don’t call it WWE 2K14 it sounds horrible

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