XMS Penvision Announces Integration of Neo Smartpen N2 with Formidable Digital Writing Platform

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

XMS Penvision is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of its Formidable platform supporting the Neo smartpen N2, bringing enhanced usability and lower cost of entry for global business users. The hybrid digital writing solution effectively bridges traditional pen and paper with tablet and smartphone devices to offer a natural and cohesive writing experience.

The Neo smartpen N2 takes digital pen technology to a smarter level by adding features that enable tighter integration and immediate data validation via iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. It offers a small, attractive, and lightweight form factor at a price point that suits many processes, workers, and markets where paper is required.

Formidable is the most used digital writing platform deployed globally across 40 countries. Formidable provides a simple web-based platform that enables the set up, completion, and output in digital format of business forms. Leveraging industry-leading MyScript handwriting recognition technology, handwritten input is captured and converted to digital text at the point of entry on either tablet/smartphone screens or normal paper via a digital pen.

The solutions unique and compelling business proposition means forms can be written and completed in the field as normal and converted to data files and electronic documents for immediate integration to back office applications and document management systems. The inherent delay, cost of handling, and loss caused by manual data capture is a major financial burden for all businesses. The Formidable solution leveraging the Neo smartpen N2 effectively addresses these challenges, making its return on investment rapid.

Formidable is now the only digital writing platform to support three input devices, thus giving Enterprise and Government organisations greater user choice based on need, process or budget. said Tarek Ghouri, VP of Sales for XMS Penvision. With the introduction of the Neo smartpen N2, we have been able to reduce the cost of traditional digital pen solutions by around 25% yet increase value to businesses through added functionality.

As CEO Mats Beijer-Olsen explains, Our vision is to take digital writing to the masses by continuing to innovate with simplicity, drive prices down, and offer even more input devices. We believe firmly that our strategy will drive global mass adoption of smart writing at every level of user from school children to CEOs.

To learn more about the Formidable platform together with Neo smartpen N2, visit http://www.penvision.com/neo. Formidable solutions are sold through a worldwide partner network. To find a partner or become a partner, visit http://www.penvision.com/buy.

About XMS Penvision

Established in 1996, XMS Penvision is an innovative Swedish software company specialising in data capture through digital writing. Formidable is marketed through a global network of partners who add value to the platform through a consultative approach with customers seeking a business solution.

Press contact:

Tarek Ghouri, VP Global Sales


Tel: +44 7769 743866

About NeoLAB convergence

NeoLAB Convergence has been focused on digital pen technology and design for more than six years. Its patented Ncode technology develops information technology and communications products for various industries including consumer, education and enterprise. For more information, visit http://www.neosmartpen.com or follow Neo smartpen N2 on Facebook and YouTube.

Press contact:

Eun Yung Chang, Director of PR


Tel: +82 104128 3462

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