Yahoo! 30 days of change

Learn more here: Music by: Hellogoodbye, “When We First Met” Twitter – facebook – https://www.faceb…

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11 Responses to Yahoo! 30 days of change

  1. windseekervideo says:

    the first one is the best.

  2. webchannelsite says:

    Why Yahoo doesn’t allow us to create a ymail and or rocketmail account anymore?

  3. MrMark609 says:

    You Tube is part of Google. Get you’re facts right

  4. Jimmy604 says:

    No, they use Bing. I guess that’s why I love searching with Yahoo.

  5. ProductionDanny says:

    I like yahoo for mail. But search really sucks

  6. Magnum M says:

    I really dont like the new logo, but kudos for putting the original yahoo man singing at the end!

  7. MrMark609 says:

    And yet they use Google.

  8. JoeyNax777 says:

    changing your logo wont get you more visitors. you just look desperate, yahoo.

  9. Captain Obvious says:

    Tried it. It sucks ass.

  10. Crimht says:

    0:38 you’re welcome.

  11. theitmoo1 says:

    cut the crap and just stick with the old font

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