Yahoo Aviate for Android

Get Aviate now from the Play Store: Yahoo Aviate: not your typical homescreen. Aviate simplifies everything about your phone. It cleans…

23 thoughts on “Yahoo Aviate for Android

  1. Yahoo, you guys did an amazing job on this launcher. I’ve been using for the past 2 days and I cannot find myself going back to my old stock launcher. Loving it, nice job.

  2. Just tried it and I like it but it’s a bit slow on my device. I could see it being handy for me but I’d need my GPS and internet enabled on my device all the time which I don’t use on a daily basis. Also it would be nice if I could resize the widgets. My calendar app cramped up inside a lil rectangle with no way to resize.

  3. Aviate is now available without invite. It’s a pretty cool launcher. Personally, I find it difficult to separate out specific apps for different times. So this isn’t THAT useful to me.

  4. I am currently using Yahoo Aviate right now. I’ve tried tons of launchers before, and the best 2 are Aviate and Themer Launcher. Aviate is very handy, simple to use and gives you information for which you would have to download tons of apps to get it. Normally I’m pretty sceptic about Yahoo, but this is brilliant. Also, I think it is defenetly better than Google Now, but thats just my opinion. So glad it finally got out of beta. There still are some minor little bugs, but not many. So Aviate is definetly a thumbs up.

  5. I’m so tired of the android-Iphone controversy. You people contradict yourselves, It all depends what your into. while the Iphone might out beat the android in some specs & cons and vice versa THATS HOW THE WOLRD WORKS, You hipster’s that seek attention think having a iPhone is like this trend or any apple device for that matter, makes you the shit. Im mainly talking to the the ignorant people who only get shit cause its “Apple”. As for yahoo update for android,Simplified at its best, but you iPhone users wouldnt know cause well, you have an iphone. SOOO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT and keep paying for shit you dont neeed~●~

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