Yahoo Aviate Launcher Hands-On

Yahoo just released a custom launcher for Android with an intelligent, location and time-of-day aware homescreen — and we’re taking it for a spin on a Huawe…

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13 Responses to Yahoo Aviate Launcher Hands-On

  1. John Doe says:

    Aviate and Nova lancher are the two best launchers on the play store now, what an incredible update by yahoo for aviate. Aviate will be my daily driver.

  2. Miguel Angel says:

    I’ve never understood why people need clock widgets. There is a clock on the lockscreen and notification bar. 

  3. Konstantin Stefanov says:

    boring launcher … all recent launchers are boring as hell …

  4. Robin Jacobs says:

    … Huh? I have Aviate and it looks different… 

  5. mvilcis says:

    DID Joe just show where he lives…o.O

  6. Joseph Scheidler says:

    I like the look and idea, but having a clock widget that doesn’t keep up is a dealbreaker. I’ll keep on the lookout for updates. This and Nokia Z launcher are quite nice to use for a couple days at a time but I end up going back to my setup in Nova Launcher

  7. Joncharmed93 says:

    Best launcher I have ever used on my phone. Loving it! 😀 

  8. Low Zhi Heng says:

    aviate is screwed

  9. Mark Luna says:

    I didn’t like it when it was in beta. I’ll have to try it again.

  10. low sheng says:

    I would use it if it looks like windows 8.1’s home screen. I mean the wallpaper looking .

  11. 1300l says:

    Good video Levi.. But Meh Launcher

  12. Steven Wang says:

    So… I Tuned out after hearing the clock is not synced. (but turns out it’s just a optional widget). Watched video again… download… it’s actually good… much better than Google Now, and doesn’t get in the way of my “swipe up n type” instant search. Has nice options to organize (grouping useful from useless!) Some obvious bugs… but liking the setup, and doesn’t seem to slow down my nexus 5… yet lol.

  13. Groud Frank says:

    Flap the *Numix Circle* icon pack on that bad boy and you’ve got yourself a flat, sexy home page set-up.

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