Yahoo Aviate Launcher Hands-On

Yahoo just released a custom launcher for Android with an intelligent, location and time-of-day aware homescreen — and we’re taking it for a spin on a Huawe…

13 thoughts on “Yahoo Aviate Launcher Hands-On

  1. Aviate and Nova lancher are the two best launchers on the play store now, what an incredible update by yahoo for aviate. Aviate will be my daily driver.

  2. I like the look and idea, but having a clock widget that doesn’t keep up is a dealbreaker. I’ll keep on the lookout for updates. This and Nokia Z launcher are quite nice to use for a couple days at a time but I end up going back to my setup in Nova Launcher

  3. So… I Tuned out after hearing the clock is not synced. (but turns out it’s just a optional widget). Watched video again… download… it’s actually good… much better than Google Now, and doesn’t get in the way of my “swipe up n type” instant search. Has nice options to organize (grouping useful from useless!) Some obvious bugs… but liking the setup, and doesn’t seem to slow down my nexus 5… yet lol.

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