Yahoo Buys Tumblr

SOURCEFED SHIRTS!!! Old Yahoo buys youthful Tumblr for 1.1 billion bones! Our Sources: More stories at: http://www…
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16 Responses to Yahoo Buys Tumblr

  1. Skylark Stark says:

    Watsonsass is my favorite. Is it Watson sass or Watson’s ass? We will never know.

  2. Hartsock Yarbro says:

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  3. soapmeridius says:

    beware the lol tag

  4. Mazin Dahawi says:

    Yahoo Buys Tumblr …

  5. Alloy Productions says:

    Yahoo! recently bought @Tumblr… More here via @sourcefed Are you gonna abandon Tumblr? Let us know!

  6. samdara choi says:

    John and hank green are worth every penny

  7. apolloexx says: I’d love to see other tumblelogs 😀

  8. superliseida says:

    the only reason i like tumblr is because of the cat gifs, the porn and the Harry Potter graphics

  9. Nevertrustthe penguin says:


  10. CrazyCherryBooms says:

    Fitblrs are the bomb.

  11. Breann Christie says:

  12. Peyo Peyovski says:

    This guys are simply obnoxious. Somebody needs to tell them they are trying too hard.

  13. Based God says:

    the fuck is a zunker ?

  14. mewmew62 says:

  15. Liiinusen says:

    You’re in luck, i approve of pancakes

  16. Eric Stephens says:

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