Yahoo Cairo Harlem Shake Egyptian Style

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20 Responses to Yahoo Cairo Harlem Shake Egyptian Style

  1. Smoozable says:

    monkey see…….. monkey do

  2. mohamed dawood says:

    يولاد الاية  يا مجانين :~

  3. Hossam Eltybe says:

    Niceee :)) I liked the Egyptian touch.

  4. shiko hulk says:

    ya welad l mganen 😀

  5. mohamed magdy says:

    LOL i like it

  6. hema elabed says:


  7. therealParisHilton says:


  8. EPaul ETOK says:


  9. Sarah Al Waly says:

    agmad harlem shake

  10. cliobaby says:

    awesoooooooome =) lol

  11. BOY9848 says:

    Yoo I need this beat please email to me I’m making a Harlem shake song I promise you will love it

  12. Mahmoud Amero says:

    المصري مافيش زيو

  13. ahmedsanadamer says:

    Shof heya 7elwa style classic

  14. Sam Himself says:

    احلي هار ليم ستيل

  15. ahmed ali says:

    سيبك انت … مفيش حد زي الراجل اللي بيشـ(ـكـ)ـر في الآخر

  16. medammes says:

    هاهاها لازم نحط التاتش بتاعنا

  17. ahmed saddam says:

    Amazing ؛) 

  18. inoy0 says:

    Yahoo Cairo: before and after all the remote employees came back to the office.

  19. devans00 says:

    Flute player FTW

  20. 7JesusIsTheMessiah7 says:

    Kinda boring until the pipe player came in. Classic!

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