Yahoo Censorship Still Sucks, Part Four

Yahoo Censorship Still Sucks, Part Four

Image by Thomas Hawk
Update: This image has been pulled from public search on Flickr now on Flickr as well.

Update #2: This image seems to be back in public search again, not sure why.

Update #3: Rev Dan Catt from Flickr has un Nipsa’d this photograph.

[I am CEO of Zooomr]

For the fourth time in the past 2 days my images have disappeared from public search on Flickr. Best I can tell these images were marked NIPSA by Yahoo – Flickr.

NIPSA is a cowardly way that Yahoo removes your images from public search on Flickr. It is done in secret, behind your back, anonymously and you are not notified when it is done to you. For some people this means that their entire photostreams are removed from public search. For others it’s a few random images from their photostream. The thing is, you will never know if it’s been done to you or not. You might figure it out later on your own when trying to search for your photo but you won’t know when it happens to you.

Ask yourself this. Is this image offensive? It’s interesting that two of images marked NIPSA were images accompanied by a message critical of Yahoo.

Entire groups can be NIPSA’d on Flickr.

This very well may be the fifth image that Yahoo decides to NIPSA of mine. NIPSA sucks. NIPSA is wrong. Flickr should treat their paying customers better than this.

The problem with censorship is that in the end it usually only strengthens the power of your critics message.

If you do a search for TestingNIPSA you will find this single image (I suspect by the time you read this, this image also may be removed though).

And yet all of the urls below contain the same tag. Something needs to be done about this.

How many of your photos have been marked NIPSA?

Answer: You’ll never know.

8 thoughts on “Yahoo Censorship Still Sucks, Part Four

  1. wow, I didn´t know about this. So very wrong. >=( (and yes, your nipsa test shows it, you other 4 pics don´t appear in the search results)

  2. nipsa blows. there are many of us fighting for the abolition of such bullshit. some of us with very big mouths… sometimes being obnoxious is what it takes to be heard. 😉

  3. also, i’ve been nipsa since i got here, and just use it… it has special magical powers, too. takes longer to get contacts and hits, but… hell… what can they do? double-secret-probation?

  4. that sux man! answer: all flickrs nipsa rules suck big time!! in my case its just plain ol fake us prudism, called by a cuple jealous acid pissin b*stards racy ofcorz, but i don’t have nudity in my stream! let them do something bout all that © theft!! 'F#ck Censorship' btw nipsa’ed & still i just hit 1M 2day 😉

  5. Interesting. It’s also possible that it may not be as nefarious as it would seem at first glance. You might check out this article( the source’d article is slow to load so this is just the digg link ). And let’s not forget the infamous "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

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