Yahoo-CEO Marissa Mayer’s First Live Interview – Fortune Magazine

At Fortune Magazine’s “Most Powerful Women” dinner in Palo Alto, Calif., businesswoman Marissa Mayer, who was criticized for juggling a short maternity leave…
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19 thoughts on “Yahoo-CEO Marissa Mayer’s First Live Interview – Fortune Magazine

  1. how is she getting paid too much? CEO’s deserve all the money they get for the genius that they offer. the only people that deserve more money is probably doctors. other than that, CEO’s are the top dogs for power, name, and fame in our society. i don’t know why you think otherwise.

  2. She’s smart, she’s successful, she seems very pleasant, she doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder, and she’s NOT a feminist! We need more women like Marissa in big business.

  3. the main question is: who in the world needs yahoo? I don´t, my friend doesn´t, none of my colleagues uses it. What are the benefits? I don´t know – I´ve no clue. but Mr. Mayer is an eye catcher… but thats not enough – you stakeholders!

  4. Stop being jealous, she’s not there solely by chance contrary to what some of you might think. She’s smart and sucessful, get over yourselves and try to achieve just 10% of what she’s done before being so judgmental.

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