Yahoo Dumping 2000 Workers in Latest Purge

Yahoo is laying off 2000 employees as new CEO Scott Thompson sweeps out jobs that don’t fit into his plans for turning around the beleaguered Internet company. (April 4) Subscribe to the Associated Press: Download AP Mobile: Associated Press on Facebook: Associated Press on Twitter: Associated Press on Google+:
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15 thoughts on “Yahoo Dumping 2000 Workers in Latest Purge

  1. I totally agree with you. The only people that are making money these days would fall under extremely selfish and all about how much I can make, spend and to hell with the people I’ve used as a disposable paper towel! They will get theirs sooner or later and I pray it’s the sooner! 🙁 peace my friend!

  2. How does Reagans & Bush/s size up to : There’s no god so you have to say buy. You won’t say buy because there is no God. What are they ? Donkeys Romps but don’t tell them. That’s their language. Error because if I was a Prophet to them (like born with a certain character) and then if blved in God,He does miracles by using me…not I dress up, and take in alot of stuff, eat bon bons and drink coffee, spill it on the floor and wonder who caught it. I AM ONE. Even if not trained/born with it.

  3. Also remember the Forefather’s Eve Polish Poem…about oppression by higher ups in Power. by Mickiewicz and it seems that the dead Polish Pope had gone to see it a few months after I was born and with the name Hitler was speaking to when he taped his Rise to Power Video. No one told me until last year I found it (by accident but same small town had librarian who potentially knew I could be the one…a Candise) so I did find it as I had some minutes available and opted to look it up there.FbiKnew

  4. So I prayed after hours at work went down in number and your recession began. Sorry. But that kind of working is the norm, part of what America claims is its forefather’s past as a democracy, economic policies, etc. I did not know about hidden fbi agents here who grew up in same town/school systems and then had alot of time on their hands…. so just watch the others. We demand investigations since alqaida 6 also came by me, Bush also came by doing a favor for one favorite fbi they say.So..911

  5. They purged my job out ? I died and govt did not define. Then as i was working here, they also did not define problem in all the stores and with the DofDefense’s family members and they like wanted no jobs here and while on disability and getting off. Why? Some say that due to my complaining they could prosper from the ideas and use them on their jobs (as fbi agents, secret service guards to Presidents/former White House and as counselors 4 alldrugs/alcohol and then strangeCult of ReplaceChurch

  6. Not just america.. The whole west world is like that now a days. That’s how capitalism works now a days. Here in Sweden for example..The CEO for a huge bank fired 2000 people..On the same point as the bank bought an apartment level for the CEO for 24million Swedish kronors.. (around 3.5 million dollars ) And who exactly does all the job??.. Not the fucking CEO…

  7. with just a quick scratch to their business cards, they could work at Yoohoo seriously, Yahoo has been mismanaged into the damn ground. What a JOKE they’ve become. Does anyone use them anymore? The most they’ve got going for themselves i the yahoo questions/answer thing

  8. No one uses Google anymore. They become complacent when they were on top and underestimated Google. They only tried to get their sh*t together when it was already too late to be competition for Google. Too many advertisements and spam from yahoo, and people able to use their database to send me spam is why I stopped using yahoo and their email. Also, reduce a CEO’s pay and you wouldn’t have to fire about 100 people? I’m just saying.

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