Yahoo! Fantasy Football: Colin Kaepernick Post-Game Hug

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Yahoo! Fantasy Football: Colin Kaepernick Post-Game Hug

  1. brittany crawford says:

    Whys he look so dark in this commercial???? Lol

  2. Fred Bloggs says:

    get your spamware off my browser you wankers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lovepinkgirl97 says:

    I love Colin!!! He’s too cute!!! :)

  4. Reeree Anokye says:

    How got it better than us

  5. Nicole Medeiros says:

    I swear that I decided to play fantasy football this year BEFORE seeing this video. Of course, seeing this video didn’t hurt. It was a nice little treat. 

  6. avoqado89 says:

    Please don’t say that. They lost because they’re last four plays weren’t as good as the Ravens to overtake them, and flacco/lewis were outstanding. As an oregonian representing the city I was born in and what my family raised me to love the 49ers but part of that faith is the bitterness.

  7. MrE399 says:

    you should suck a dick and eat diarheaa because u dont know football yourself

  8. Ryanschind says:

    Dont thro in the redzone fool run that shit you cost me 5k in the superbowl i cant understand why he would try and thro he got a tebow arm run that shit

  9. ravenfan1606 says:

    Just keep your head in your mom’s pussy because you don’t know a damn thing about football!!

  10. Raktoner says:

    I want Kaepernick to tussle my hair…

  11. Mia Sanchez says:

    Want a hug from kaepernick

  12. mike cimags says:

    that was a football play*

  13. kumar01234 says:

    so was Roddy

  14. kimberly townsend says:

    i love Colin Kaepernick and all so im just going to leave that superbowl joke alone

  15. makaylyn johnson says:

    7people didn’t get a post-game hug !!!:(

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