Yahoo! Fantasy Football: J.J. Watt Entrance

Yahoo! Fantasy Football: J.J. Watt Entrance

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19 Responses to Yahoo! Fantasy Football: J.J. Watt Entrance

  1. KAKB2011 says:

    I love that guy’s face @ 0:23

  2. Andre Kutsch says:

    Ha! Classic!

  3. BigHitter503 says:

    ooooooooooo thats good haha

  4. Sarah Camille Beahm says:

    18 – 25s

  5. ohbitch94 says:

    It takes only one Watt to light up a football field.

  6. maidylaynezvazquez says:

    I cant stop laughing!!!!!

  7. WWEAriane Wooz says:

    Lol just clarifying

  8. tvkris88 says:

    So funny!!

  9. Dontsaltthekitty says:

    I gotta say, I never really pegged JJ Watt as a good actor, but he did a pretty good job in this. Fuckin funny

  10. TexansAllTheWayJJ99 says:

    Cant wait for JJ Watt to be better than 2012!

  11. sertachamp says:

    Comedy gold

  12. Crystal McVeigh says:

    The six people that disliked this video can go die in a hole. J.J. Watt is AMAZING

  13. bovinejst says:

    I drafted JJ Watt as my quarterback

  14. TheHtown34 says:

    Just imagine him playing a little goal line fullback or even tight end!!! (Just saying Kub)

  15. josh anders says:

    JJ freaking hilarious!! xD

  16. Simon Williams says:

    I am shocked at how funny that was.

  17. lothariolatino says:

    #THIZZ AINT A GAME by Lothario Latino (2013) i-tunes

  18. lothariolatino says:

    This is my house/THIZZ AINT A GAME #jjwatt

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