Yahoo Fantasy Football Tutorial

This is start something to aid those who struggle understanding the fine art of fantasy football.

3 thoughts on “Yahoo Fantasy Football Tutorial

  1. Wow man, I’ve play plenty of fantasy football, I’ve navigated through a lot of complicated screens, but I cannot figure out how to set a line-up in yahoo fantasy football. I watched this whole shitty video and I didn’t figure that out.It seems you missed a crucial step. If you’re thinking about yahoo fantasy, I urge you to go somewhere else. I have play fantasy for about 5 years now and this is the worst one I have ever seen. Also this video is no help at all.

  2. Thanks. I have yahoo fantasy football also. My grade was D and I won the first 2 weeks. But since this is my first time playing fantasy football,I don’t have a defense.How do you add a defense?

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