Yahoo! Hearts Creatives

Yahoo! Hearts Creatives

As an agency creative, have you ever felt like this? We. Feel. Your. Pain. Become a fan on Facebook: Follow us on Tw…
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19 Responses to Yahoo! Hearts Creatives

  1. Amin Abu Hamzeh says:

    This is what we creatives go through every day!

  2. Daniel Hopkins says:

    LOL! So damn right… :-) #creative

  3. moproducer says:

    The only thing that doesn’t change about the business is the business.

  4. aleborba says:

    aerosmith ringtone = genious

  5. carltonbanks81 says:

    You toser

  6. cahlitox says:

    Shit! It doesn’t matter the country… is the same. I’m from Venezuela and we have to deal with this every day.

  7. MacDeFessel says:

    harr harr – it’s evil, but it’s real

  8. HazyDavy73 says:

    i love how this little video is catching on (i first saw it about two weeks ago). Seems to really be resonating with those of us who deal with this crap every day. This is my favorite “work” video since Truth in Advertising. We all need 27 brand tenants.

  9. mtt481 says:

    OMG… We live this every day!!!

  10. Funnynotslutty says:

    Pizza budget has been cut, too.

  11. AJ Goehle says:

    amazing! nice work!

  12. Tanner Brown says:


  13. apocalippz says:

    ps – the paste-on goatee is EPIC!!!

  14. rreardonm says:

    Brilliant! The tweeting and baby seal lines are pure genius.

  15. ryan hixson says:

    that’s so true to how theose stupid meetings really go and how you have to look very funny

  16. machadomas says:

    I think the account guy is not realistic enough; they are usually much worse than that.

  17. Gaurav Sharma says:

    As a new copywriter and conceptualizer for a premier Indian “event management” firm, I can’t believe how true this rings! Kudos!

  18. YahooAdBuzz says:

    A reader asks what the creatives “transformation” song was. It’s TV on the Radio, “Wolf Like Me.”

  19. wolfattack402000 says:

    Wolf like me?

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