Yahoo Hires Pregnant CEO, Mazda6 Teasers

First up, anyone who watches Mad Men knows how hard it once was for a woman to rise to power in the business world. And a pregnant woman?! She’d be lucky to get a job answering phones or making coffee. But, the times are a-changing as evidenced by Yahoo’s decision to name Marissa Mayer their new CEO. The former Google engineer will take over for Scott Thomson who was forced out over his academic record. Mayer will be tasked with keeping the tech giant in step with the likes of Facebook and Google and bringing the stock price back up all while battling morning sickness and inappropriate belly rubs. Is she up to it? We sure hope so. Her experience at Google speaks for itself and the fact that she’s a little fox can’t hurt either – but seriously, don’t screw this up for us gals, Mayer! Next up, Madonna recently took a swipe at controversial France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen. During a concert, the aging superstar played video of Le Pen with a swastika superimposed on her face. Classy! Le Pen had threatened a lawsuit if Madonna performed the stunt in France and now seems prepared to follow through on that threat. Ironically, Le Pen is known for her moderate stance in a party traditionally defined through extremism. Besides comparing Le Pen and other political figures to Nazis, Madonna took the opportunity to once again flash her fifty-something year old boobs and butt onstage leaving most of the world debating which was the more truly

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19 Responses to Yahoo Hires Pregnant CEO, Mazda6 Teasers

  1. pregnant2012 says:

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  2. Paul Marsh says:

    greatest speech ever <3

  3. andrephx90 says:

    You´re showing too much of the everyday objects…smh!

  4. blauegitarre says:

    I thought both of those words had long A’s instead of short. I’m from the south so it might just be a dialect issue for me.

  5. Lakkadaisikal Klarity says:

    Tu parles Francais Rebecca! Alors la je suis surpris!

  6. AskMenVIDEO says:

    It’s one of the themes from Inception called “Time”.

  7. miyukipg says:

    I love todays video! It’s awesome! :)

  8. Blake Desmond says:

    What song is playing during the viral video?

  9. jtmon3y19 says:

    Sell Yahoo stock NOW!!

  10. ElJefedeJefes9 says:

    Awful way to talk about a future mother

  11. Danray233 says:

    That’s how you pronounce them..

  12. blauegitarre says:

    she pronounces mazda and yahoo funny

  13. esurfer26 says:

    Madonna did an excellent job flashing her body and with the face of Marine Le Pen!

  14. SadSmileX1 says:

    Your hair :) It looks beautiful rebecca.

  15. LatinoWorldOrder says:

    so Rebecca, how about you let me impregnate you too and you might land a ceo job too? you know just a thought.

  16. tahir630247365 says:

    That video at the end is a true inspiration!

  17. tahir630247365 says:

    Rebecca 3 3 3

  18. SkankerX says:


  19. flexairz says:

    No? Really?? :-)

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