Yahoo! Homepage test (May 2009)

Yahoo! Homepage test (May 2009)

Image by Yahoo Inc
The latest form of the new homepage we’re testing. Best viewed large. You can read more here:…

4 thoughts on “Yahoo! Homepage test (May 2009)

  1. The right direction, if you are not going to allow users to switch between classic and new like in yahoo mail, change slowly but very robustly. the left application panel basically adds to the frontpage a way for a myriad of services to get to yahoo users, with a similar frontpage. good engineering

  2. I like. I see lots of "1 of 3" paging indicators. I would love to see data on how many people get to a second (or third) page, and which of the widgets they are most likely to get beyond the first page. Lots of quality links, good whitespace, clear divisions. I like…

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